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Move your callboard to the web.


If you're a stage manager, you know the drill. You carry around ten pounds worth of binders to every rehearsal just so you can keep track of who's coming and going. Your rehearsal schedule is a constantly changing document that is always done in PENCIL. Eventually your eraser runs out.

Cast and crew members can't remember when they're supposed to show up, and you can't remember their cell phone numbers. You do take attendance but don't have any real way to see attendance trends.

Best Attendance was built specifically to address these needs. It is guaranteed to make you more awesome at running your rehearsals and performances. Sign up now to try it free for 14 days!

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Share event calendars. Cast and crew can see their rehearsal schedules without logging in to the website.

Take attendance. Powerful reports help you analyze attendance trends.

Communicate. Email individuals, groups, or your entire cast to keep them informed.

Delegate. Create Group Leader accounts so your ASMs can help you out.

Work anywhere. There is nothing to install; use Best Attendacne anywhere with an internet connection.

Keep your data secure. We use industry best practices to keep your data safe.

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